How to develop rich-interactive applications with silverlight

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In the initial years of the Internet and Web development, websites were developed using only Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The content built using only HTML for the Web pages is mostly static. Gradually, with the advent of other new technologies and languages, such as cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XHTML, and Javascript, it is now possible to add user interactivity and a little bit of dynamism to webpages. With the passing years, some other technologies, such as Adobe flash and JavaFx, gave a new dimension of interactivity to Web pages as these technologies gave a huge boost to various fields of business, such as e-learning and online advertising. However, some of these technologies are expensive to deploy, varied in performance, and also have inadequate compatibility with different programming technologies.

How to develop rich-interactive applications with silverlight

To overcome the limitations of earlier technologies, such as Adobe Flash and the ever increasing demand of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Microsoft brought out Silverlight. Formerly known as Windows presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E), Silverlight is an inexpensive small plug-in that can work in a cross-platform, cross-browser, and cross-device environment. Silverlight is supported by both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh family of operating systems as well as popular Web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Silverlight is a Web-based technology that allows Web designers and developers to stretch the boundaries of Web application development. It is an integration of the rich user interface (UI) of desktop applications and the transparency of other Web languages, such as HTML and JavaScript . Silverlight allows you to develop Web applications that contain high-fidelity multimedia content and eye-catching visual effects. Web applications.

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