How to make Feed back System in

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Feed back is a system, through which we can communicate to the website owner. Generally this system is designed for various purpose, such as quality checking in supply chain management, suggestion etc. If we talk about quality checking then simply say that feed back is given by the customer if he/she is  either satisfied or not. But if we talk about article feed back then you simply say that comment is the best idea for it. 

How to implement it:

First to design the comment box with the help of some controls and their properties. If you want to complete the first step then should see the below mentioned video:

After design it, you should connect all required control with the back-end store table. In this example i have a repeater control and here i bind this control using eval( ) method, if you want to do this, please see the video:
Bind the repeater control with the help of SqlDataSource control in Repeater control is best control for comments, By this we can display list of items. If you want to see the feed back then check it mentioned video:

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