Page Life Cycle in ASP.NET

When an ASP.NET page runs, the page goes through a life cycle in which it performs a series of processing steps. These include Initialization, Instantiating controls, restoring and maintaining state, running event handler code, and rendering.

Page Life Cycle in ASP.NET

(1)Page Initialization    = Page_Init
(2)View State Loading = LoadViewState
(3)PostBack data processing = LoadPostData
(4)Page Loading = Page_Load
(5)PostBack Change Notification = RaisePostDataChangedEvent
(6)PostBack Event Handling   = RaisePostBackEvent
(7)Page Pre Rendering Phase  =  Page_PreRender
(8)View State Saving = SaveViewState
(9)Page Rendering  = Page_Render
(10)Page Unloading = Page_UnLoad


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