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Computer Programming: Operators in c# console application

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It is a symbol, which is performed operation on operands, operation can be mathematical or logical. In c#, operators are categories in three basic parts first one is unary operator and second one is binary operator and last one is ternary operator. In unary operator we use single operand like.
++a // here a is a "operand"
In Binary operator we use two operand. Like
In ternary operator we use three operand like

Assignment Operator (=)

if we create a variable of type integer also we want to initialize it with some value then we should use assignment operator like.

int a=10;

Here, variable a is initialized with value 10. It means you can say the right hand side value is copy to left hand side variable using assignment operator.

Arithmetic Operators ( +,-,*,/,%)

Basically arithmetic operators are used for doing mathematical calculation like addition of two or more numbers , multiplication, division, subtraction, and remainder. lets take a simple example to understand arithmetic operators. If the total collection by five students is five thousand then find the average value?.
int collected_money=5000;
int total_student =5;
int avg=collected_money/total_student;

Ternary operator (?, : )

In ternary operator we have three operands, in which first operand is used for check the condition and other two operands is used for giving results. Let’s take a simple example to understand the ternary operator.

Int firstnumber=10;
Bool result;
Result = firstnumber>10? True: false;

In the preceding example, if condition becomes true or you can say if firstnumber is greater than to 10 then ternary operator gives  ‘true’ in results otherwise gives ‘false’.

Comparison Operators (< , > ,<=,>=,!=,==)

using comparison operator you can perform Boolean operation between operands known as comparison operator. Lets take an simple to understand comparison operator
 class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            int a = 10;
            if (a==10)
                Console.WriteLine(string.Format("The value of variable ={0}", a));
            Console .ReadKey (false);
Computer Programming : Operators in c# console application Here, condition if check equality operation between operands, a and constant value 10. If condition becomes true, output comes "The value of variable=10".



  Logical operator (&&,|| )

Perform logical operation between Boolean operands known as logical operator. Lets take a simple example
  class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            bool a = true;
            bool b = true;
            if (a&&b)
                Console.WriteLine("condition becomes true");
            Console .ReadKey (false);
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