Computer Programming: Department table for shopping cart in ASP.NET, Example

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In computer Programming, database is the important concept of any one project. In this article we will learn the first step of e-commerce project, which is database (table) design. Follow the steps for designing department table.

Step-1: In server explorer, expand the database node, right-click the Tables node, and select Add New Table from the context menu.
Step-2: A form appears where you can add columns to the new table. Using this form, add three columns, with the properties described in table.

Computer Programming : Design Department table for shopping cart in

Note : You set a column to be the primary key by right-clicking it and clicking the Set Primary Key item from the context menu. You set a column to be an identity column by expanding the Identity Specification item from its Column Properties window, and setting the (Is Identity) node to yes. You can also access the identity increment and Identity Seed vales, if you should ever want to use values other than the defaults.

Step-3: After adding these fields, the form should look like.

Computer Programming : department table for shopping cart in

Step-4: Now that everything is in place, you need to save the newly created table. Press Ctrl+S, write table name in appeared popup.
Computer Programming : Save table in sql

Step-5: After creating the table in the database, you can open it to add some data. To open the Department table for editing, right-click it in Server explorer and select Show Table Data from the context menu.
(Alternatively, you can choose Database->Show Table Data after selecting the table in server explorer)

Using the integrated editor, you can start adding rows. Because DepartmentID is an identity column, you cannot manually edit its data--SQL Server automatically fills this field, depending on the identity seed and identity increment values that you specified when creating the table.

Step-6: Add two departments.

Computer Programming : filling data into database table

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