Create PHP Array in PHP Programming

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Create PHP array :-
                               We have following methods to create an array in PHP.
To assign index and key manually to the variable: - In this method we have to provide a specific index value as well as key value to the variable. This can be understood with the help of example.
Let we want an array named “record” to store different information of students such as name, age , id, and marks. Here the variable “record” act as an array and store all these information in following way.

In this example we use an array variable $record to store different elements. Now we have following properties this PHP array.
Index range for this array is 0-3.where minimum index is 0 and maximum index is 3;
Maximum item that this array can store is 4.
A PHP array can store different type of elements like integer or string or double etc. because php takes the type of data automatically corresponding to that.
In above program we use the function print_r() which is used to print values store in array variable.

In this example we used a key in stand of index. PHP provide this facility to make the array calculation much easy and user-friendly. The array which uses keys to hold the value is called associative array. 
To use range() function:- If we want to create an array  with a specific range like for integer such as 100-500 or for float 4.6-90.6 or for string like b-k then we can create an array by using range function. Syntax of this method is following
Range (string value, ending value, difference);
This could be understood with the help of example.

To use array () function: - This functions is used to make an array in php. The syntax of this fictional is follows.
Array array ([ mixed $... ] )
This array function takes mixed type of variables and prepares an array for us.
This can be understand with the help of following codes.
$name=array(“jack”, “jon”,”weilems”);
Or this can be use for associative array such as:-
$record=array(name->”jack” ,roll->5, marks->45.9, address->”new york”);

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