How to Create a File System Web Site in Visual Studio

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In a file-system Web site, you store the files for your application in a folder on your local computer or on a computer that is accessible on your network. File system Web sites are useful for developing locally on your computer because you do not need Internet Information Services (IIS) to create or test them.

To create a file-system Web site

  1.   In Microsoft Visual Studio, on the File menu, point to New and then click Web Site.
  2. Under Visual Studio installed templates, select the template for the type of web site you want to create.
  3. In the Location list, click File System.
  4. In the language list, click the language you want to use as the default programming language for the Web application.
  5. In the Location text box, type the path and folder where you want to create the Web site. You can specify a local path or a UNC path to a different computer on your network.
  6. If you prefer to browse to an existing location, do the following:
  • Click Browse
  • In the Choose Location dialog box, click the File System tab.
  • In the File System tree, select the folder you want to use or type the path in the folder box.
  • To create a new folder, select the location, click Create New Folder, and then type a name for the new folder.
  • Click Open to return to the New Web Site dialog box.
  1. Click
Visual Studio creates the site, opens a default page in the page designer, and then displays the folder in Solution Explorer.
If the path you specified already contains files, Visual studio prompts you to specify a different location, open the existing web site, or create the Web site anyway. In the last case, the files are created with the Web site overwrite any files with the same name that are already in the folder.

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