STACK for Data Structure in 'C' Programming

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Stack is a special type of linear data structure, which can be implemented using either one-dimensional array or Linked List. If the Insertion operation and deletion operations are restricted to one end in one-dimensional array or linked list, then it becomes a specialized data structure STACK. The end, from which insertion and deletion are done, is called as TOP end. The insertion operation on the STACK is called as PUSH operation and deletion is called as POP operation. Remember that both the operations are done to the same end in the sense, for insertion and deletion operation is applied to the same index (top) in one-dimensional array and same pointer (top) in Linked List.
             As an ITEM (information) may be a number or character, depending on the type of array or node of linked list, is PUSHed on STACK from the TOP end and deletion (POPping) if any is to be done from the same end. The ITEM coming out after the POPping is the one just PUSHed, so the STACK is also called as LIFO, Last In First Out, structure . The ITEM PUSHed in Last is POPped out First.

       In your home you can find a STACK of cloths, plates, cassettes etc.

             STACK is a specialized linear data structure, which is having so many applications in computer field. STACK is used in Function calls, Recursion, Decimal number to binary number conversion and in expression evaluation.

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