How to add image and icon on button control in windows form c#

On a Button control, Text is not enough to making it beautiful. So If you want to make attractive windows application then you should go for images. In this article i will show you how to add image on button control also how to align with text. Now lets to start.
Step-1 : Add a new windows form project in visual studio, i have visual studio 2013, you can work in earlier version.
Step-2 : Add a button control in designer view of form
Step-3 : Select 'Image' property of Button control. Button control-->Property-->Image

Image resources in windows form c#
Step-4 : Click on "ok" Button
Step-5 : After adding the image on button control, Set "ImageAlign" property of Button control to MiddleLeft.
Step-6 : Also set "TextAlign" property of Button control to MiddleRight.
Step-7 : Set Text Property of button control, decide you. In this article button with image is related to fruits so i giving you fruits title.
Text = " Fruits"
Now, your button control looking like
How to add image and icon on button control in windows form c#


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