How to view DLL function and properties in visual studio

August 27, 2014 0 Comments

You are a developers and you want to create a new project. Lots of code are hidden behind the .dll file, its a symbol of good programmer. Learn how to hide code from user in to create .DLL file in   A .DLL file contains some namespaces, class definition, methods and some properties. You want to view the functions used in that dll so you should go for Object browser, which is available in visual studio. Lets take a step to view the .DLL file in visual studio.
Step-1: Right click on any .DLL file, Open selected file in Object Browser and press 'ok' Button.

Step-2 : Expand the file, which is contain namespace and methods.

Left panel contains files and right panel contains methods and properties and many more item which is related to selected file in left panel. So you can easily use namespace and their methods. Learn How to use this.

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