Rules for making Flowchart

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"What are the rules for making the flowchart?"

Rule 1: The flowchart should contain one start and one stop box (terminator).
Rule 2: The symbols of the flowchart are always labeled with simple codes.
Rule 3: The codes used in the flowchart should not give more than one meaning.
Rule 4: The control flows are always represented by directed arrows.
Rule 5: The control flow lines touch the boundary of any box either while leaving from or while entering into the box.
Rule 6: The control flow lines should not cross each other.
Rule 7: The flow line moves in vertical direction either from top to bottom or from bottom to top.
Rule 8: The flow line moves in horizontal direction either from left to right or from right to left.
Rule 9: Only one flow line comes out from all the boxes or symbols excepts decision box.
Rule 10: Two lines can flow from the decision box if single condition is checked. It means a single condition results in one of the two values TRUE or FALSE

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