Integrate paypal into ASP.NET

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Through this you can access payment via paypal this process is known as e-payment(electronic payment). Today we will talk about integration. So first to open If you have already an account on it please login into the account. If you have not, please first to register in the paypal. Now after login into your account, select sandbox account in the Applications tab. Now, create two new account on paypal. First for business(merchant) and second for personal. Step-1 : first to create a new test account for business.
first to create a new test account for business in paypal

Fill all the required field and press to "create account" button. Similarly again Step-2: Create a new account for Personal Step-3 : Now, Enter into selling Test account.
Create a new account for Personal in paypal

After select the link, a new window will appear. Yet, login into your selling account by the business user name and password(do not use your actual username and password), in which you can create a code for selling products and services. Step-4 : Now, select "merchant services" tab. It has provide many services, such as (a) Create payment button for website (b) Send Invoices online for fast payment (c)  Swipe cards on your mobile phone (d) Accept payments on eBay Step-5 : In this given option i have select first option, which is " Create payment button for website". Step-6 : Now, create a new buy button for your website, so fill all required filled, which is given below.

create a new buy button for your website in paypal

  Step-7: Copy this code and paste into your web form. Now run your web form application. Step-8 : Click on "Buy Now" and purchase item from personal account, which is created on previous step.
Integrate paypal into ASP.NET

You can pay your bill using personal account. Also another option is available in which  you can pay your bill using debit or credit card.

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