Java Script Advantages

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  1. Embedded within HTML  : Java Script does not require any separate editor for programs to be written, edited or compiled. It can be written in any text editor like Notepad, along with appropriate HTML tag and saved as filename.html. HTML files with embedded Java Script commands can then be read and interpreted by any browser that is Java Script enabled. 
  2. An Interpret Language : Java Script is an interpreted language i.e, no compilation is needed. The syntax is completely interpreted by a browser just as it interprets HTML tags. This provides an easy development process.
  3. Minimal Syntax - Easy to Learn : By learning few commands and simple rules of syntax, complete applications can be built using Java Script.
  4. Designed for Simple, small Programs : It is well suited to implement simple, small programs( for example, a program to apply all arithmetic operation on two numbers). Such programs can be easily written and executed using Java Script. They can be easily integrated into a web page.
  5. Quick Development : Java Script does not require time-consuming compilation, so scripts can be developed in a short period of time. This is the reason that many GUI interface features such as alerts, confirm boxes, prompts, and other GUI elements, are handled by client side Java Script, the browser and HTML code.
  6. Procedural Capabilities : Every programming language needs to support facilities such as condition checking, Branching and looping Java Script provides syntax, which can be used to add such procedural capabilities to web page coding.
  7. Performance : Java Script can be written such that the HTML files are fairly compact and quite small. This minimizes storage requirements on a web server and download time for the client.
  8. Event Handling : Java Script supports object or Event based programming. Java Script recognizes when a form 'Button' is pressed. The event can have suitable JavaScript code attached, which will execute when the 'Button Pressed' event occurs. 
  9. Event handling : Java Script can be used to implement context sensitive help. Whenever in a HTML form's mouse cursor moves over a button or a link on the page, a helpful and informative message can be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of browser window.
  10. Platform Independence and Architecture Neutral :  Java Script is a programming language that is completely independent of the hardware on which it works . It is a Language that is understood by any Java Script enabled web browser. Thus, Java Script application works on any machine that has an appropriate Java Script enabled web browser.
  11. A Java Script program  developed on a window machine will work perfectly well on a Unix machine.
  12. A platform specific browser, maintained at client end, does the interpretation of Java Script, relieves the developer from the responsibility of maintaining multiple source code files for multiple platform.
  13. Easy Testing and Debugging : Being an interpreted language, Java Script scripts are tested line by line, and errors are also listed as they are encountered, i.e. an appropriate error message along with line number is listed for every error that is encountered. It is thus easy to locate errors, make changes, and test it again without the overhead and delay of compiling.

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