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Microsoft and many more product based companies provides some extensions for visual studio. Behind the scene, the main purpose of them, they want to enhance the features of visual studio. Similarly, UNITY software is a type of extension, which is used for design games in visual studio. UNITY provides you to make platform independent games, i mean, you can run your games data in 21 platforms. Also provides many more features like:
  1. You can design your games either in 2D and 3D.
  2. Debug your game code using break point in visual studio.
  3. You can put your logics in UNITY game by using c#, which is userfriendly for you.
  4. Check error in error list of visual studio. 

How to download it: Download it by using official sites, but i recommended this path, Through this you can download other things. Download UnityDownloadAssistant-5.2.1f1.exe, start it by using double click. Below mentioned Progress snap  of downloading. 

unity download installer

In the next article i will show you how to start screen of unity, how to start codes in it and many more things.

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