How to add window media player in ASP.NET

December 04, 2015 , 0 Comments

In this article, I will show you how to play mp4 and WMV file in To do this task first to install Silverlight into your computer by the following link. After installed Silverlight, add System.Web.Silverlight.dll file reference in the bin folder. Add media player component in ToolBox by using right click on toolBox.

Right click on toolbox--> choose Items...--->.Net Framework Components--> Click on Browse Button also select System.Web.Sliverlight from uncompressed folder.

Drag Media player control from ToolBox to Web Form. Set Required property that is mentioned below.
Media Source = ~/movie/first.mp4
Here, we have movie folder.

Download System.Web.Silverlight.dll file.

Code generates the following output

How to add window media player in ASP.NET

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