Introduction | Installation : Programming with Python

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Python: Python is a programming language, through this we can design programs for Administrator. Basically, it is used for security reason and many more differences with other languages. Like, if you want to print " hello world" then you can use header files in c and c++ but in python, you don't need. So in python, you can reduce lots of codes. 

Before preceding installation you must to know about programming and algorithm: Programming is a technique which is based on algorithms. Algorithms means, " Step by steps solving a problem".  

How to install Python in your System: Consider the following steps
  1. Open
  2. Download Desired package for your system software
Introduction | Installation : Programming with Python

Currently, I am using windows operating system, so I download python package 3.5.1 for windows. After finish downloading you need to start installation by double clicking on executable file. Pick the installed file by using start menu also run python interpreter. If you want to write hello world message using interpreter then you can write the following line of code
print("Hello World")

Python Interpreter hello World Message

If you are LINUX/ UNIX user then write the following line into your terminal:

Installing python v3.* in Linux/Unix
Debian Package
sudo apt-get install python3.4
sudo apt-get upgrade python3.4

Rpm Package
rpm --install *.rpm
rpm --upgrade *.rpm

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