Visual Studio: VS 15 Preview 2 Released leaked

May 12, 2016 0 Comments

We all used Visual Studio 2015 first preview , User + developers find some bugs in it and send to MICROSOFT. After one month , I mean to say that that day MICROSOFT leaked news for 2 preview. According to MICROSOFT:
This preview like the previous one, lays groundwork for the next version of Visual Studio. We primarily targeted on bug fixes and a few feature updates. New features include; creating the account settings dialog additional accessible to screen readers, diagnostics enhancements to facilitate run focus connected problems, Edit and Continue for XAML apps, and simplified debug configuration in Folder read. Preview 2 conjointly includes the latest Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update nine that supports Cordova six.1.1.
Visual Studio: VS 15 Preview 2 Released leaked

MSDN also changed according to visual studio 15 preview 2. So, Carefully to download it. If you are interested to download visual studio 15 preview then click here


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