How to create Database in ASP.NET CORE 1.1 using model first

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

Technology changes, code optimization, newly design core 1.1. This article i wrote for you who want to make database in core 1.1, its a very simple technique provide by Microsoft developers. Thanks guys. Let start how to do this,  you can follow these steps to design database in it.

Step-1: Create a new project in ASP.NET CORE using Visual Studio 2017 by the using following picture
Create new project
select aspnet core version 1.1

change authentication in aspnet core

Step-2: In Model folder, add a new Student.cs class. Add some properties in it. But make sure , one primary key have in it.
Step-3: Similarly in previous make, a new DataContext class for communicating table.

Check this video for full details

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