How to pass data from Controller to View in MVC


In my previous post we have been learned How to create a new controller in MVC
Bydefault a controller class contains a Index method and that method returns a ActionResult type value. So we can return View in Index method. Here we will use ViewBag object for initializing dynamic properties such as

public class HomeController : Controller
        // GET: /Home/

        public ActionResult Index()
   = "jacob";
            return View();

If we want to pass Data ("jacob") from Controller class to View then first we would create a View.

How to create a View in View folder

Step-1 : Create a Directory which name same as Controller class ( here we use Home)
Step-2: Right Click on Home Directory and add new View which name same as Action Controller method (here we use Index.cshtml)
Step-3: Open Index.cshtml page and access Dynamic properties of View Bag object using "@" symbol such as

Note :Must Check your Directory structure
Directory structure of MVC file


How to pass data from Controller to View in MVC


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