Pointer constants in C language

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As we store any data (information) in our memory, the computer also stores data in its memory. The computer memory is divided into a number of location called storage cells. Each location can hold one bye of data and each location is associated with address. Let us assume size of memory is 64K where 1K=1024bytes. So , total number of memory locations =64K = 64X 1K

= 64 X 1024 bytes

=65536 locations

Logically, all 65535 locations in computer memory are numbered sequentially from 0 to 65535 but, physically they are divided into even bank and odd bank. Even bank is set of memory locations with even address and odd bank is set of memory locations with odd addresses as shown as below:

Pointer constants in C

These memory addresses are called pointer constants. We cannot change them ; but, we can only use them to store data values.
for example, in the above memory organization, the address ranging from 0 to 65535 are pointer constants.

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