How to use HyperlinkButton with XAML in Windows 8 App Development

November 25, 2013 , 3 Comments

HyperLinkButton, used to open the specified URI in the default browser. URI can be specified in NavigateURI property of this button and it will launch that by clicking on that button. This button look like a text with underline. This button opens another page side by side in windows 8 app development.

Here's the XAML code which will create this type of button:


    <Grid Background="{StaticResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">
<HyperlinkButton x:Name="h1" NavigateUri="" Height="200" Width="257" Content="Microsoft Development Network" Margin="90,20,0,548" />


Here above the XAML code is so simple to read and understand. This code is using some mostly used properties described below:
  • x:Name: Specify the name of this button and used in code behind file.
  • NavigateURI: get or set the URI to navigate to when the button is clicked.
  • Height & Width: commonly used property by XAML elements. Read Height & Width in XAML.
  • Content: the text to be shown on the button.
  • Margin: specify the extra space to get placed around the outside edges. Read Margin in XAML.


How to use HyperlinkButton in windows store app

How to use HyperlinkButton in windows store app

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