How to Customize the Result Set using Functions in SQL Server: SQL Programming

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SQL server provides some in-built functions to hide the steps and the complexity from other code. Generally in sql programming, functions accepts parameters, perform some actions and return a result.

While querying data from SQL Server, programmer can use various in-built functions to customize the result set. Some of the changes includes changing the format of the string or date values or performing calculations on the numeric values in the result set. For example, if you need to display all the text values in uppercase, you can use the upper () string function. Similarly, if you need to calculate the square of the integer values, you can use the power ( ) mathematical function.

Depending on the utility, the in-built functions provided by SQL Server are categorized as listed below:
All these functions are for specific use in sql programming like string functions are used to manipulate the string in result set, to manipulate date values date functions are used, as so on. Arithmetic operations can also be performed with these functions like add, subtract operations on any of the above listed type of functions.

Functions can be easily used anywhere in the sql programming to build the software composable. Programmer can use these functions in constraints, computed columns, where clauses even in other functions. Overall the result, functions are powerful part in sql server.

Further article will describe about the use and example of above listed functions.

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