What are Naming Conventions in NetBeans: Java Programming

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Object Naming Conventions, the process of giving a name to the control, basically used to access a control in coding part of programming language. Java NetBeans IDE have its own rules, described in the article, to name a control while programming.

A control's name is one of its most important attributes because you literally refer to a control by its name whenever you want it to do something. Names are so important that every time you put a control on your form, NetBeans IDE automatically gives a name to it. If programmer add a jButton, NetBeans IDE names it jButton1; if you add a jTextField, it automatically named jTextField1.

However, naming controls like this, may be confusing. While naming controls, you need to take care of these things.
  • Must begin with a letter.
  • Must contain only letters, numbers, and the underscore character (_); punctuation characters and spaces are not allowed.
  • Omit the initial letter "J" in object names and you may add its type at the end of it, like ReCalculateCheckBox for an object of class JCheckBox (not ReCalculateCheckBox!). It is just a recommendation, not a rule laid out by Java.

Friendly Names

When naming is a control, the first letter of the friendly name is generally uppercase. This make it easier to read the control’s name, because you can easily differentiate between the friendly name and the control’s abbreviation e.g. ReadonlyCheckBox.  

Name a control

To name a control in NetBeans, double click the control to be named in the Inspector window and type a new name.

What are Naming Conventions in NetBeans: Java Programming

Alternatively, you can right-click on the control’s name in Inspector window or the control itself in design space and select Change Variable Name………. command. The same process can be done through properties pane. Before you actually start working with controls, you should also know how to setup properties for a control and also about event and listeners. Later articles will describe these with examples.

Change name using Properties Window

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