Character Set used in NetBeans: Java Programming

Java programming have its own character set that is used by the programmers to write code easily. Character set is composed of valid characters in a language that may be any letter, digit etc.

In any language, there are some fundamentals that you need to know before you can write even the most elementary programs. This article introduce Java fundamentals to you so that you may start writing efficient code for your GUI applications.

Character set is a set of valid characters that a language can recognize. A character represent any letter, digit or any other sign. Java uses Unicode character set. Unicode is two-byte character code set that has character representing almost all character in almost all language and writing systems around the world including English, Arabic, Chinese and many more.

The first 128 character in the Unicode character set are identical to common ASCII character set. The second 128 characters are identical to the upper 128 characters of the ISOLaptin-1 extended SCII character set. Its next 65,280 that are capable of representing character of nearly all recognized of the world.

You can refer to a particular Unicode character by using the escape sequence \u followed by a four digit hexadecimal.
For example
\u00AE         ©       The copyright Symbol
\u0022          “        The double quote
\u00BD        ½        The fraction ½
\u0394        ∆         The capital Greek letter delta

You can even use the full Unicode character sequence to name your variables. However, chances are your text editor won’t be able to handle more than basic ASCII very well.

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