How to Perform Searching Data by Using a Full-Text Search

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After the full-text index has been created on a table, you can query the table by using the full-text predicates. The full-text predicates are used to specify how the search string should be searched in the table.
Predicates can be used to enhance the search so that the result have so focus on the search criteria. Sql programming have a list of predicates to be used.

The following predicates can be used while performing the full-text search:

FREETEXT: When the search criteria are given, FREETEXT searches for any variation of a word or a group of words given in the search column. FREETEXT is used for the prefix searches.
Considering the previous scenario of the bike racing competition, you can use the FREETEXT predicate to obtain the desired output, as shown in the following statement:

SELECT Description FROM Production.ProductDescription WHERE FREETEXT (Description, ‘race winners’)

CONTAINS: This predicate is used in queries when you want to search for a specific phrase or for the exact match. It also searches for the proximity of words within a text. For example, you can use the following statement to search for the words ‘Ride’ near the word ‘Bike’ in the ProductDescription table:

SELECT Description FROM Production.ProductDescription
WHERE CONTAINS (Desctiption, ‘ride NEAR bike’)

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