Features of C Language

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Definition: The capabilities and functionality provided by the C language are collectively called features of C Language. The features of C Language have made it popular.

Let us see, "What are the features of C language ?"

The C Language being a middle level language has many important features. It is said to be middle level language because of the following features:

  • The C language has the capabilities of assembly Language (Low Level Language)
  • It provide the functionality of a High Level Language.

As it is near to machine as well as to the user it is called middle level language. The capabilities of the low level language of C help in designing the program
especially required system management. It means the system software can be developed very easily using the C Language.

As It is also near to the user, most general purpose programs can be developed easily. So, the application programs can also be developed using C language.

In addition to the above mentioned features, C Language also has the following features:

  • Implementation of modular programming technique is very easy in case of C language because of the easy designing and handling of modules in the form of functions.
  • Each and every task using C Language is solved by means of function only so, C is called as functional language.
  • Users can define their own tasks in the form of user defined functions.
  • It has large collection of built-in or library functions that makes the programming task easier.
  • More and more user defined functions can be added to the library of the C to make the programs extendable.
  • C language is rich in operators containing very common arithmetic operators to system level bit-wise operators.
  • The programs written using C language are portable and can be executed at different platform.
  • C is a case sensitive language. All the keywords, data type means and built-in function names are written only using lower-case letters.
  • Most importantly the debugging, testing and maintenance activities of programs development can be performed easily on the program developed using C Language.
  • Implementation of structured programming technique is easy here because of the rich availability of the sequential, branching and looping structures.

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