Mathematical Functions in Turbo C Language

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The C language provides a number of library functions that carry out mathematical operations such as square root, sine, cosine, tan, and various other actions. These functions, which are part of C mathematical library are called mathematical library functions. They are also called mathematical built in functions. 
Brief description about each mathematical function is available in your program's header file called “math.h”. Therefore, anyone who uses mathematical functions should include “math.h” in the beginning of the program. The various mathematical functions which are commonly used are provided below:

Function with return type
Operations performed
abs(int i)
Returns absolute value of an integer.
Returns the cosine value of x.
Returns the inverse cosine of an angle where x is in radians.
Returns the sine value of x.
Returns the inverse sine of an angle where x is in radians.
Returns the tangent of an angle where x is in radians.
Returns the inverse tangent of an angle where x is in radians.
Returns the value of e to the power x.
Returns the absolute value of floating point number x.
Returns the natural logarithm of x.
Returns the logarithm of x to the base of 10.
Returns the value of x to the power y.
Returns the square root of x.

 These functions are given here to just start with programming. In most of the general or mathematical problems such built in functions are regularly used. We will discuss about examples about each of these functions later.

Formatted Input/Output Functions

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