Pointer introduction in C language

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Pointer is one of the important feature available in C language. Almost all the program in the software industry are written only using pointer, But many people think that pointer concept is difficult. The correct understanding and use of pointer is very much required for successful C programming. Pointers are one of the strongest and also one of the most dangerous features(if not used properly) available in C. Due to its important and dangerous feature, the concept of pointer is dealt in detail. Now , let us understand the concept of pointers.

Pointer concept 

Definition  : The basic data types in C languages are int, float, char , double , and void. Pointer is a special data type which is derived from these basic data types. So, pointer is called derived data type. The pointer takes the values from 0 to 65535 (Memory address) if the size of the RAM is 64K. The pointers are always associated with the following three concepts:

Pointer concept

  • Pointer Constants
  • Pointer Values 
  • Pointer Variables 

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