Default Listing with Insert and Update in MVC 4

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MVC 4 provides simple listing procedure through which developer can create CRUD actions for a database table. Awesome thing is developer don’t need to write a single line of code and will complete the task.
We have added new table Category and updated edmx file in earlier article. Now we will create CRUD actions and their views with default MVC 4 structure. We have created empty controller without using any default action but now we will add a controller with all the default actions.
Follow the procedure for creating a controller and in “Add Controller” window name the controller as CategoryController and select the options as selected in the following screenshot and click on Add button:
CategoryController and select the options as selected

This window is prompting for your context class (inherited from DbContext or may be your edmx entities name) file and the model name for which these actions will be created.
After clicking on Add button, it will add a controller with following 5 actions and corresponding views. Those views are not created on the root, but MVC 4 will create those views under new folder with the same name as controller.
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Detail
  • Edit
  • Index
Run your project and go to specified controller/Index page, it will load all the categories your database have. Have a look on the below screenshot, with three records each having three action-link i.e. Edit, Details and Delete. Beside these individual action links this table structure also have Create New action on the top through which it will redirect to another view.

So we have saved lot of time that may waste to write the code for all these actions and also for creating their views. This MVC 4 feature is very simple to use and we can create more control for each table. Developer can customize these actions or their views as per their requirements.
Some developer don’t need all these views or maybe they want to enable all these actions on the single page. In next article we will create listing page for our own and write some line of code for table structure.

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