Getting Started with Grid App in Windows Store App

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In the preceding example, we saw getting started with windows store app. Today we will Getting started with grid app. Create a new Grid app project under visual studio 2013 and run this application without any changes. First of all, you will see splash screen on your window screen. Like

Default screen of Grid app in windows screen
Above given snap contains multiple group titles, Group titles contains multiple item title and each item titles having three fields, such as Item picture, Item Title, and item Sub title. When we click on group title , appear new splash screen in windows look like this.
 Splash screen contains group detail page
 Splash screen contains group detail page, which is contain large image with description text(about group title). In right hand side, you can see all item titles with thumbnail image. When we will click on item title , new splash screen will appear on window look like.
 item title , new splash screen
Now, look at in solution explorer, which is contains four .xaml file such as
  1. App.xaml
  2. GroupDetailPage.xaml
  3. GroupedItemsPage.xaml
  4. ItemDetailPage.xaml

If you want to change in all three file then we will implement own code for it. If you want to change app name in windows store then should go for App.xaml file

<x:String x:Key="AppName">Type your application name here</x:String>
For example
<x:String x:Key="AppName">Windows Store App</x:String>

Output Screen

change app name in windows store

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