How to modify the start page in windows store app

In this tutorial, you learn how to

  • Before you start
  • Create a new project.

Before you start...

Create a new project in Visual Studio

Step-1 : Launch Visual Studio 2013.
Step-2 : Select File > New Project.
Step-3 : In the left pane, expand Installed > Templates, then expand Visual Basic or Visual C# and pick the Windows Store template type.
Step-4 : In the center pane, select the Blank App template.
Step-5 : In the Name text box, according name you enter.
Step-6 : Click OK to create the project.
Step-7 : Remove MainPage.xam file from the solution explorer
Step-8 : Add basic page to solution explorer and assign name to Page as "MainPage.xaml" instead of BasicPage1
Step-9 : Click ok

modify the start page

Step-1 : Double-click MainPage.xaml in Solution Explorer to open it
Step-2 : For change the page title, select the "My Application" text near the top of the page in the XAML designer.
How to modify the start page in windows store app


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