World clock app for window phone 8 c#

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If you want to know time at any location in the world, use this app in windows phone. This app offers numbers of features, including an interactive time zone list. Select any time zone, which is given in the list and check it. No advertisements are shown in this app. Basically This app is designed for beginners, who want to know about windows phone app development.

How to Install it in windows phone

  1. Download the mentioned package
  2. Use .xap file for running it.

Learn How to design it

To create a new app in windows phone 8, the steps are listed below:
To create a new app in windows phone 8
  1. Create a new project by going through File | New Project | Windows Phone Application - Visual C#. Give a desired project name( World Clock is my app name).
  2. From Solution Explorer, open MainPage.xaml file. (If Solution Explorer  is currently not opened then open it via View>>Other Windows>> Solution Explorer).

  3. Change name of your header text, which is in TextBlock(Inside stack panel).
  4. Add a listbox control in the grid panel control. Also bind from ItemSource property.
  5. Add a class in the project, which name is "timezone.cs". Add two public property inside in it. Now, code look like
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    namespace WorldClock
     class timezone
     public String timename { get; set; }
     public string ImagePath { get; set; }
6.  Now add some utc time in the list collection with flag images. Also bind this with ListBox using DataContext
  List chemists = new List();
            chemists.Add(new timezone() { timename = "UTC-12:00 Internatioanl Date Line West", ImagePath = "image/Internatioanl Date Line West.jpg" });
            chemists.Add(new timezone() { timename = "UTC-11:00 Coordinated Universal Time-11", ImagePath = "image/Internatioanl Date Line West.jpg" });
            chemists.Add(new timezone() { timename = "UTC-10:00 Hawaii", ImagePath = "image/hawaii.jpg" });
            chemists.Add(new timezone() { timename = "UTC-09:00 Alaska", ImagePath = "image/Alaska.gif" });
            chemists.Add(new timezone() { timename = "UTC-08:00 Baja California", ImagePath = "image/bajaflag.jpg" });
            chemists.Add(new timezone() { timename = "UTC-08:00 Pacific Time(US & Canada)", ImagePath = "image/uscan.jpg" });

  7. Now, use DispatcherTimer class for update the time with 1 sec.  Now, use this code for update the time
DispatcherTimer newTimer = new DispatcherTimer();
newTimer.Interval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1);
            newTimer.Tick += OnTimerTick;
void OnTimerTick(Object sender, EventArgs args)
            clocklabel.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString();
8 .Create the code for each index of ListBox also display the result on MessageBox.

private void lstCountries_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
            switch (list1.SelectedIndex)
                case 0: MessageBox.Show(dt.AddMinutes(-720).ToString() + TimeZoneInfo.Utc.DaylightName);
                case 1: MessageBox.Show(dt.AddMinutes(-660).ToString() + TimeZoneInfo.Utc.DaylightName);
                case 2: MessageBox.Show(dt.AddMinutes(-600).ToString() + TimeZoneInfo.Utc.DaylightName);
                case 3: MessageBox.Show(dt.AddMinutes(-540).ToString() + TimeZoneInfo.Utc.DaylightName);
                case 4: MessageBox.Show(dt.AddMinutes(-480).ToString() + TimeZoneInfo.Utc.DaylightName);
                case 5: MessageBox.Show(dt.AddMinutes(-480).ToString() + TimeZoneInfo.Utc.DaylightName);


9. Run this app in Emulator WVGA 512mb, now code will generate the output.

Run this app in Emulator WVGA 512mb

When you select any item from the given list then phone emulator display the time according to the time zone. Basically this system designed on UTC time.

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