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Good morning, i am jacob, Today i have to share some post which is related to design beautiful web forms in If you want to design web forms in then you need to learn some basic technologies like HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JQuery etc. Here, i will tech you about these technologies one by one using some web forms article. so, lets start, Following these steps to design beautiful we forms:
(Task-1)Before anything doing, must to rough stretch your website : Suppose you want to design 20 pages website then  you need 20 pages of note book. Now, stretch each web site page into your notebook. Suppose i have to design first page in my note book that is:

design beautiful web forms

Similarly do for all remaining pages. Now, your first task is completed.

(Task-2)Fill colors in stretched design: Now, come to second task that is fill colors, For beautiful web forms, must to fill different colors in the page by using color pens.

(Task-3)Design your pages by using Photoshop: By using Photoshop, you can feel exact look of your theme. So, Read some how to: articles about Photoshop by using googling. 

(Task-4)Now, start to design beautiful web forms in HTML from first page of your stretch/Photoshop page: Here, i have use web forms design in, so you need to read some article about master page. By using master page you can design your layout of all beautiful web forms.
Read more article about master page : need of master page and themes in

(Task-5) Fill colors and make responsive your design by using CSS3: if you want to design responsive and beautiful web forms then you need to learn CSS(Cascading Style Sheet). Here, i have demo of style sheet.

(Task-6) Put some Dynamic effects using JQuery into your web forms: If you have some pages which is related to login/register then use JQuery to put some dynamic effects like shadow, popups etc. I have some examples, which is related to dynamic effects like:
Dynamic effects using JQuery :  Show login form in popup using JQuery.

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