First 3 WPF videos, start your learning

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I will give you a WPF videos series. If you watch each then you do start your career with WPF. Through WPF videos, you can design light weight application. Let's start step by step. In first video you learn about basics of WPF projects, let's see

In this video, I will teach you many more things about WPF start like

  1. How to start Visual Studio for WPF application.
  2. Create new project for WPF, select C# language in left pane, select WPF application in middle pane.
  3. First-page name of the default window is MainWindow.xaml. It contains default WPF Grid control.
  4. Add a TextBlock with Text property inside WPF grid.
  5. Learn, How to run WPF application.
Now, come to next video of WPF videos series. First of all, I will teach you about WPF panels. So, here, I share you a video of stack panel.

Check it, what is inside. Drag WPF stack panel control from ToolBox, drop it in Window. When we add it in Window then XAML automatically update with stack panel code. Here, we have HorizontalAlignment=left, Height="100", width="100", verticalAlignement="Top".  You can resize it by all corners using design window. Now, you can add buttons and other controls inside stack panel. A button control has content property, which is used as a label. By using orientation property, we can set controls alignment either horizontally and vertically. By using this video also, I explain you, how to add image in stack panel. Stack panel contains another stack panel. Now, come to next video of WPF videos series.

Grid panel is also a container. It has two things that are RowDefinition and ColumnDefinition. WPF grid is the most popular control in presentation foundation. By using this, we can add controls in it a specific cell  of Rows and columns. If, your controls are outside from grid then you can place it in WPF Grid, watch this video and learn, how to place control inside WPF Grid.

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