Features of Bottom-up technique in C language

February 16, 2015 , 0 Comments

  • Program preparation starts from designing the sub-problems.
  • The solutions are clubbed in the main coordinating module.
  • The composition of solutions is generalized for main solution.
  • Program is structured as hierarchy of various tasks but viewed from bottom to upper level.
  • As the technique moves from bottom to top it is a type of generalization.
  • Main module can only be designed after the detailed design of sub-problems.
  • The tested sub-programs are used to frame the main solution.
  • Integration test is performed at the final stage of programming.
  • The code of the sub-problems are reusable.
  • The modules linking details is not available at the lower stage of programming.
  • This type of programming technique is most popular in Object Oriented Programming using C++ and Java.

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