How to make Database table in visual studio 2012

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Database table is a collection of "data-column and data-rows". If you want to make table in visual studio 2010 then you must save table using save icon. Also give name of the table, which is related to table data. In Visual Studio 2013 you must to update table after preparing structure.

Following some steps for creating Database table in visual studio 2012

Step-1 : Right click on website name in solution explorer
Step-2 : Click  Add --> Add New Item
Step-3: Select Sql Server Database

choose sql data base

Step-4: Show new pop up window
folder in App_data
Step-5: Click "Yes" in Microsoft visual Studio pop
and add Database.mdf file in App_Data folder

Step-6: In Server Explorer Expand "+" icon of database.mdf file 

server explorer

Step-7: Right Click on Tables --> Click Add new Table

data base table property

Step-8: make Id as  IsIdentity column.
Step-9: Right click on id column-->Properties 
Step-10: Set Is Identity to "true"
Column property

Step-11 : Add new Column to table 

query design view

Step-12: Before Click on Update button  chnage table name
update and save data base

Step-13 : Insert item into table
Step-14 : Right click on Table name in server explorer
Step-15 : Click show table data 
Step-16 : Insert item into table

assign value to column

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