How to Make TextBox Control ReadOnly: WPF

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In our previous post, we have enable the spell check feature of the textbox, through which user can check the spellings of the word entered and correct it. As we know that the textbox is used to input any value by the user, but it can be used to display fix text on the screen.

To display fix text that cannot be edited by the user, we have to make the textbox read-only. The textbox have a property IsReadOnly, that is set to be true to enable this feature. Just write the following XAML code snippet:
<TextBox Width="300" Height="25" Margin="5"
Text="This is the correct line and you cannot edit it."
Now run the code and a textbox will display with the above text written. The thing to check is, this textbox have its fix text and the user can not vary that text.

How to make read-only textbox in WPF XAML

So the read-only property is used to make the textbox read-only for the users. We can validate the input entered by the user by writing some line of code in our code part. We will validate the input in our next article.

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