How to Place Items in TabControl: WPF

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In our previous post, we have learnt about tab control and place some tabs into that control. In this post we will place a container, means we will place a simple entry form into a tab item. As we all know the entry form can contain name, age, address or some more basic information about a person.

So I am taking only name and age here as for example. Just write the following code in our XAML code window:
<TabControl Name="tabControl" Margin="5">
<TabItem Header="Entry Form Tab">
<ColumnDefinition Width="100"/>
<ColumnDefinition Width="200"/>
<RowDefinition Height="30"/>
<RowDefinition Height="30"/>
<Label Content="Name"/>
<Label Content="Age" Grid.Row="1"/>

<TextBox Margin="2" Grid.Column="1"></TextBox>
<TextBox Margin="2" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1"></TextBox>

Just run the code and a tab control is placed on our window with an entry form. The form will look like the following image:

How to customize tab control in WPF and XAML

So we have simply placed an entry form into tab item. We can set anything as the content property of tab item, just as above code.

In the above code, i have modify only a single tab item for example. If you need more tabs then you can modify as many tabs as you want to.

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