Specify Range with ProgressBar Control: WPF

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Progress bar is also a range control as the slider control in our previous post. It has a different visibility to user. In windows operating system, when we copying/moving/large-running operations, then by default a progress bar is shown. This progress bar notify the status of progress, to the user.

How to use Progress bar control in WPF

To show the above progress bar below XAML code have been used:
<ProgressBar Minimum="0" Maximum="100" Value="25" Height="30" Width="300" Margin="10">
This control also have its common properties like minimum, maximum and value as in slider control. By default minimum is zero, maximum is ten and value is zero. It have two mostly used and new properties:
  • IsIndeterminent: it is used to show the animation in progress bar control. It doesn’t need minimum, maximum and value properties. Mostly used when we don’t let the user know about the progress.
  • Orientation: It can be set to vertical, and the progress bar show the progress in vertical form as shown in the following image.
Use Progress bar control with vertical orientation: WPF

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