Online Examination Cell project in ASP.NET

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Examination cell conduct all activity  related to examination cell such as sheet allotment, room allotment ,etc. Directly you can say its a college management ERP software which handle all such types of activities.

This types of project conduct some types of functionality like:

  • Administrator has a privilege to create, modify and delete the test papers and its particular questions.
  • User can register, login and give the test with his specific id, and can see the results as well
  • Technical college software’s examination module is mainly concerned upon
  • In-college examination including sessionals and practical
  • External exams management
  • Admit card managing
  • External exams managing of colleges centered in the college
  • Schedule management
  • This module will look upon all basic as well as advanced needs of an examination cell.

Module of the project

This Project is dividing into the three Types of user

  1. Super user.
  2. Administrator.
  3. Faculty member
  4. Student

Super user
Super user is the top level faculty of organization. Handle many modules by the super user. Like
  • Create user.
  • Allotted Course To The Faculty.
  • Send Message To The Faculty.
An administrator is the Exam –cell in charges of organization also handle many modules by the Administrator Like
  •  Sheet allotment.
  •  Duty chart.
  •  Paper Collection.
  •  Report generation.
  •  Notice generation.
  • University result
  •  Model exam question papers
  • Unit/sessional test time table
  •  Current News
  •  Course allotment
  •  Paper Collection
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