Data Engine for Database Developer: Introduction to SQL

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SQL Server, a data engine introduced by Microsoft, lies at the core of data Management solution of an organization. It allows secure, efficient storage and Management of data. SQL database Server also provides other components and Services that support the business intelligence platform to generate reports and facilitate Data analysis used by database developer.

Every organization needs to maintain information related to employees, Customers or Business partners. Organizations build business applications either to store and manipulate the information or to generate reports. In addition, they need a platform that can be used to store and maintain these information in an efficient way. Various database management systems (DBMS) and relational database Management system (RDBMS) such as SQL Server 2005, Oracle and Sybase can be used to maintain this information.
How to install SQL Server
It is important for a database developer to identify the role of a database server in an organization, to effectively design and implement database solutions by using SQL Server, to identify its components and services. In Addition, you need to understand the basics of SQL, a language that is used to query and manage data.

Role of a Database Server

Earlier, organizations used to store the data on paper. With an increase in the usage of computers, they began building and using business applications to support the business operations.

The business applications accept data/information as input, process the data based on business requirements and provide data/information as output. For example, an application that maintains the sales details for an organization, accepts the details of the sales transaction from the users. The data is saved and an output message will display confirming that the data has been saved.

For example, the Human Resource department of an organization uses an application to manage employee’s data. The users need to add the details of new employees. The application provides an interface to enter the employee details. These details are validated for accuracy based on business rules. A business rule is defined to check that the date of joining of the new employee is less than or equal to the current date. If the data meets the requirements, it is saved in the data store.

Architectures used in Business application

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