About the Folders in MVC Web Application in Visual Studio

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In Visual Studio, when programmer creates a new MVC 4 Web Application some folders and files added by default. These folders contains Controllers, Models, and Views etc. to be complete MVC framework basis. The following figure shows the solution explorer created by default application:

MVC 4 Solution Explorer in Visual studio


As the name implies, this folder will contains all the data related to our application. In further articles, we will use this folder to add a database (SQL database).


All the files used to start the application are placed in this folder. These files contains AuthConfig, BundleConfig and RouteConfig etc. To specify routes for the application, add some files dynamically may be done by using these files.


Content folder contains themes folder including css files, static files, icons and images used by the application. A default Site.css file is added in this folder that creates standard theme for the application. Programmer can change these themes as per the roles, account by using these folder.


MVC gives all the controller the standard name suffix with “Controller”. The default mvc application have two controller i.e. AccountController and HomeController. These controller have some actions defined, used for redirection of the user. Programmer can add more controllers as per the requirements and any controller have multiple actions discussed later.


Classes represents the application model for your application are defined in this folder. These classes may be used to create validation for the fields entered by the user. We will add some model classes in this folder in later article. It have default model added in the visual studio MVC application.


Pages shown to the user, according to the controller classes are stored in this folder. Related views may be placed in a folder having the same name of controller by which these views relates. Any controller have some standard actions like Index, Create, Edit and Delete. The related views folder have all these views having the same name.
These views may have aspx or razor pages according to the requirement of the programmer.


JavaScript files used by the application are stored in this folder. By default MVC add approx. 15 js files in the folder which are standard java script files. Programmer can also add some new files and use them in the application.

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