About the Folders in MVC Web Application in Visual Studio: Part 4

January 26, 2014 , 0 Comments

In MVC application, Views folder represents the pages shown to the user in the unique folder, named according to controller. Means there is one folder for each controller as shown in the following image of solution explorer.

As in image, account folder have some razor pages like login.cshtml, register .cshtml, manage.cshtml and more. Every page have its own action specified in the respective controller discussed in the earlier article.

Views folder MVC Web Application in Visual Studio 2013

These page can be of any type e.g. plain html, classic asp, razor etc. Home view folder contains Index, about and contact pages. Run the application and there are some links like Home, about, contact us. When user click on any of them, the respective action is called and the related view is shown to user.

Further article will show, how to create such type of folders for Model, controller as well as views.

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