How to Create First MVC Application in Visual Studio: Introduction to MVC

January 12, 2014 , 0 Comments

MVC framework, as explained in previous article, separates your logic, views and your database of the web application. Here are simple steps to create an MVC application using Visual Studio 2013, discussed below.
  • Click on File-->New--> Project in Visual Studio (I have used VS 2013)
  • The New Project window opened with a list of categories in the left pane and some of their installed templates. Select ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application under the Web categories.

Leave the name as is, you can change it, and click on Ok button.
  • Another window will opened which provides the options to choose the framework (by default the application may have) like empty, basic, internet or shown in the list.

  • Select Internet application and click on Ok button, it will start creating an MVC application according to your selected options. 
  • A dialog box appears to notify you about the process, after some time (depend on your system) your MVC project will create having some folders shown in the solution explorer below.

What are the uses of these folders and how they can be used by the programmer will be discussed later.

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