How to Create Database and Add in the MVC Application

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In MVC application, to store our data for further references, we have to create a database and use that for SQL querying. Earlier we have created the database using Entity Framework that was a code first approach, in this article we will create a Database first and then code to use that.

  • Right click on the App_Data folder and Add New Item.
  • Under Visual C# in left side tree, click on Data node and select SQL Server Database.
  • The default name for the database is Database1 with .mdf file extension and it may change (I have change it StudentDb.mdf). Click on Add to add the database in our application.

How to Create Database and Add in the MVC Application

As soon as we create this database, our server explorer have a connection with the same as shown.

How to Create Database and Add in the MVC Application

  • Write click on the Table node under newly created database in Server Explorer, and click on Add New Table
  • A design will open with three columns, first for name, second for data type and the last one for Allow nulls or not.
  • Add some Fields in this design as I have added below:

How to Create Database and Add in the MVC Application

While we look in the T-SQL of this table creation, just under the design window i.e.

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Student]

Change the database name from this T-SQL (Student here) and click on the Update button at left upper of the designer. It will show Preview Database Update window, click on Update Database button and your changes have been saved to database, means Student table have been created in the database.

Add this connection string in your web.config file to establish the connection with the database.

<add name="StudentConnection" connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDB)\v11.0;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\StudentDb.mdf;Integrated Security=True"/>

The database have been created and added in our project by this connection string, we will do some insert, update and delete with this database in later articles.

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