How to Rename and Dropping a Table in SQL

You can rename a table whenever required. The sp_rename stored procedure is used to remaname table. Sp_rename can be used to rename any database object, such as a table,view, stored procedure, or function. The syntax of the sp_rename stored procedure is:
Sp_rename old_name, new_name

  • Oldname is the current name of the object.
  • Newname is the new name of the object.

The following SQL query renames the EmployeeLeave table:
Sp_rename [HumanResources.EmployeeLeave] ,

You can also rename a table by right-clicking the Table folder under the Database folder in the Object Employer window and selecting the rename option from the shortcut menu. After a table is created, you may need to see the details of the table. Details of the table include the column names and the constraints. For this purpose, you can use the sp_help command.

Dropping a Table

At times, when a table is not required, you need to delete a table. A table can be deleted along with all the associated database objects, such as its index, triggers, constraints, and permissions. You can delete a table by using the DROP TABLE statement. The syntax of
DROP TABLE [ database_name . [ schema_name ]. ] table_name

  • Database_name specifies the name of the database where th table is created.
  • Schema_name specifies the name of the schema to which the table belongs.
  • Table_name specifies the name of the table that needs to be dropped.

When a table is deleted, any other database object referenced by the table needs to be deleted explicitly. This should be done before deleting the table. This is because while deleting a table, if violations occur in the rule of referential integrity then an error occurs that restricts you from deleting the table. Therefore, if your table is referenced then you must delete the referenced table or the referenced constraint and then delete the table.

For example in the HumanResources schema, the Employee table contains EmployeeID as its primary key. The EmployeeLeave table under the same schema contains EmployeeID as its foreign key and is referenced with the EmployeeID column of the Employee table. Therefore, when you want to delete the Employee table, you first need to delete the EmployeeLeave table.

You can also delete a table by right-clicking the Tables folder under the Database folder in the Object Explorer window and selecting the Delete option from the shortcut menu.

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