Expression Evaluation and Compound Expression in JAVA

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As discussed in earlier articles, expressions can either be pure expressions or mixed expressions. Pure expressions have all operands of same datatypes, contrary to mixed expressions that have operands of mixed datatypes.

Evaluating Pure Expressions

Pure expressions produce the result having the same datatypes as that of its operands e.g.

Int a = 5, b = 2, c;
a + b will produce result 7 of int type.
a/b will produce result 2 of int type.
Notice that it will not produce 2.5, it will produce 2.

Evaluating Mixed Expressions

In Java, when a mixed expression is evaluated, it is first divided into component sub-expressions up to the level of two operands and an operator. Then the type of sub-expression is decided keeping in mind general conversion rules. Using the results of sub-expressions, the next higher level of expression is evaluated and its type is determined. This process is continued till you get the final result of the expression.

Boolean (Logical) Expressions

The expressions that result into false or true called Boolean expressions. The Boolean expressions are combination of constants, variables and logical and relational operators. The rule for writing Boolean expressions states :
A Boolean expression may contain just one signed or unsigned variable or a constant, or it may have two or more variable or/and constant, or two or more expressions joined by valid relational and/or logical operators. Two or more variable or operators should not occur in continuation.
The following are examples of some valid Boolean expressions :
(i) x > y (ii) (y + z) >= (x/z)
(iii) (a + b) > c&& (c + d) > a (iv) (y > x) || (z<y)
(v) x||y && z (vi) (x)
(vii) (-y) (viii) (x-y)
(ix) (x > y) && ( !y < z) (x) x <= !y && z

Compound Expression

A compound expression is the one which is made up by combining two or more simple expressions with the help of operator. For example,
(a +b)  / (c +d)
Is a compound expression.
(a > b)  || (b > c)
Is example of another compound expression.

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