Introduction to Mark-Up Language: Asp.Net Razor

Razor, mostly used language in Asp.Net MVC, is not a programming language but it is a server-side mark up language. It is basically used to let the programmer embed server based code in to web pages.

By running on the server-side, Razor code can perform complex tasks including database accessing. Server executes this code inside the page before returning to the browser at the time of calling a particular page. The main advantage of this markup language is, it supports c sharp (C#) as well as visual basic (VB).

Here are some rules/instructions to be follow when writing razor language with c#:

  • Declarations of variables/functions will start with @
  • Code blocks are enclosed in @ {... }
  • Statements will end with semicolon (;)
  • Remember c# code is case sensitive
  • Comments can be written within @* ...... *@

Following line of code will explain you a brief knowledge about razor syntaxes:

@* Commented Section
Below are some line of code which will use two variables declared in razor and then use them to show title and description of the page.

    var title = "This is this page's title";
    var description = "The description about this page";

    <p>Title: @title</p>
    <p>Description: @description</p>

<!-- Comments can also be written like this -->

The first block of code is used for commented lines as written as heading. Second block is used to declare two array i.e. title and description that can be used further in the code. The last code is html code and simple div and p tag are placed there to write the values of above declared variables.

Razor provides mostly all the server-side objects with all these methods they can have. To show current date/time razor syntax will be:

    Today Date:  @DateTime.Today 
    Time:  @DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay

There are many more we have to learn about razor syntax like variables, conditional statements, looping constructs etc.

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