Student Information Project in PHP

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Student information management system is a software application to  maintain the records related to student information , Fees status , marks and attendance.

Objective of the project

The main objective of application is to automate the existing system manually maintain the record of student information ,marks , attendance and student search to be computerized. So searching  will be faster.


This software covers following area

  1.     It  is very  useful for schools and colleges.
  2.    All record is computerized to we can use it for colleges.

Hardware and Software requirements

1. Dual core pc for server machine.
2. XAMPP for server machine

Future Scope

  1. Can be used for ERP Application

Project Snap Shot

Home page of online student information system project in php

Student Search in PHP

Student result in php

How to Download the project

Mail to me :

Project contains

  1. Project Report
  2. Project Code
  3. Project PPT

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