Online Movie ticket booking System project in ASP.NET

October 01, 2014 , 5 Comments


Through this software, You can reserve your movie hall ticket online. Basically this system categories in two parts, the first part related to visitor who want to book ticket and second part is related to admin who handle all the privileges like user account, payment account etc. When visitors visit the home page of this site then they will see the first interface of the project that is movie name with full description and book now button. When visitors click on book now button then they will go to the next page that is login page. If the visitors are authenticated person then no need to register again, simply login into the account. After login they will see the seat no , visitor can reserve multiple seat at a time.

Module of the project

  • Viewer module
  • Admin module

Software requirement to run this software

Visual Studio 2013 and windows 8

How to run this project

1. First to open the project in visual studio 2013 
2. Click to green color of triangle button, also you can use ctrl+f5.

Project Module

1. Visitor, who want to reserve seat
2. Admin

Snap Shot of the project

Ticket Booking snap

Ticket Booking snap

Ticket Cancel Snap

Ticket Cancel Snap

How to Download the project

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